Today (18 August 2018) marks the last day of the 2nd Edition of the International Youth Forum on Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals 2030. During the last two days, over various sessions the group of young people engaged on the role of Young people in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Annecke Mulller says, “human rights should be an integral part of every policy”. Indeed, the protection, promotion and fulfillment of basic human rights, such as the right to dignity, to land, to housing, gender equity came up continuously during discussions! The United Nations, the World Bank, and other international establishments engaged with,  participated and listened to the voices of Young people.

“human rights should be an integral part of every policy”.- Annecke Mulller

In future, the challenge is for Africans to participate in seminars similar to the International Youth Forum on Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals. Mediums such as these will be given feedback on, and might affect reports and decisions affecting her development (if at all Africa is considered in these decisions). As a reflection, Africa, after you have defined yourself, you would redeem yourself. We are possible; yes we can change OUR world. It also came up that it’s about time that we become extremely impatient with injustices.

Collaboration is very important towards achieving the SDGs and human rights because our societies are widely connected, wired and operate like a human body (one part needs and the other to fulfill is functions in order to fulfill its own functions). Bench-marking is important but nothing beats context. South Africa might still have a long way to go with regards to gender equity, spatial justices and economic freedom; this is not a mission impossible if we are intentional and practical.

Lastly, the Young African Sustainable Development Union ( was given an opportunity to participate on the International Youth Forum on Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals platform at 7months of age. This also came with an unexpected accreditation from the International Human Rights Organization (USA), International Youth Forum (Nepal) as well as by co-founder of International Human Rights (Mr Andrew from London).In order to reach higher horizons, get your sig/ht off the shore! In the words of Prof. Dr. Pam Rajput (Indian Panelist), “There is no time-frame for the achievement of SDGs, go internalize and localize the SDGs”! Also, “with responsibility also comes power, look at Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King” Mr Andrew Chalmers (Australian).

– For more info on unmentioned observations and possible outcomes of the forum, Lethy Mbatha is open for further engagements, partnerships.