An Opportunity for Emerging Entrepreneurs to Expand to Africa


Stellenbosch: 22 April 2019:

Amawelase Consulting Services and On the Globe Marketing & Advertising announces its 6th annual ground-breaking Pan-African Entrepreneurs Conference that’s set to revolutionize the business landscape of Africa. The conference will receive four (4) delegations from leading African countries comprising of Chamber of Commerce members. The countries being; Republic of Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Kenya and the Island of Mauritius. Global leaders, industry experts, academia and regulatory authorities are scheduled to share the stage and cover business topics in organised clusters.

The African Entrepreneurs Conference (AEC) takes place on the 3-4th of October 2019 at Seven Sisters Wine Estate, Cape Town, South Africa.

The conference, among others, seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Kindle business innovation development
  • Promote tactics and campaigns for entrepreneurial success
  • Facilitate the exchange of best business practices, skills and knowledge
  • Facilitate across National Borders Trading (import and export) and investment partnerships
  • Develop strategies on poverty alleviation in Africa through entrepreneurship.

Research studies echo that entrepreneurship is one of the solutions that stimulate the economy and create much-needed jobs.

“This conference has granted the emerging enterprises a break to do business across national borders” Said, Rufaro Mucheka, PhD candidate in Business Strategy in Emerging Markets.

Both organisations focus on strengthening the capacity of young people and women to enable them to take charge of their own lives and futures. We believe there is a need to connect them with captains of industry, business management opportunities, skills development facilitators, entrepreneurs, financial strategists, technological innovators and government regulators to stimulate their entrepreneurship interest.

“The high rate of unemployment contributes to the social tension and anguish experienced in South Africa on a daily basis, especially among the youth” says Stanlib chief economist, Kevin Lings.

Amawelase Consulting and On the Globe Marketing and Advertising are focused on development, advisory, capital sourcing and creating transnational trading opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises. We are looking to partner with organisations that aspire to grow investment into Africa. Partnering with AEC offers a platform across the entire African continent, and also access to many of the continent’s most prominent business leaders.

If you want to grow your brand visibility, expand your business across Africa, are interested in partnering with us, or receiving more information on Exhibition or Sponsorship opportunities, please contact us on details provided.

A steering committee will be formed for the establishment of one continental Business Chamber for African Entrepreneurs Prior to the African Entrepreneur 2020 Conference.

The 2020 African Entrepreneur Conference will take place on the 1st to the 2nd of October 2020