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Afrocentric Group to Cover and Distribute over 150,000 COVID-19 Vaccinations Daily

The Afrocentric Group has today announced that it will be harnessing its buying power to help cover the costs of COVID-19 vaccines for members of its subsidiary companies. This includes health insurers such as EssentialMED and medical aids that fall under medical aid administration and health risk management solutions provider, Medscheme, among others. The Group will also be tapping into its nationwide network of 3,000 registered nurses who will have the capacity to vaccinate over 150,000 people per day.

According to Group Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Banderker, “We have 3.8 million members who we need to look after and will deploy our team of nurses – along with the appropriate PPE to protect themselves – to distribute the vaccine. We will also be providing the necessary systems to help members keep track of their appointments, especially as two doses are required with some of the vaccines.”

He adds that the Afrocentric Group membership base has been segmented into the various phases to ensure that those who fall within the priority categories receive the vaccine as soon as possible. 

The Group will also be making its services available to National Provincial Governments. 

Paul Cox, Managing Director of EssentialMED shares, “While medical aids will cover the vaccine for their members – approximately seven million adults over the age of 15 – and subsidise procurement for another seven million adults who are without private medical cover, we are one of the  first health insurers that will be covering a percentage for our members.

He explains that, with medical aids remaining out of reach for the majority of South Africans due to their high cost, health insurance bridges the gap – enabling access to quality, private healthcare but at an affordable price.

“The faster we can get the vaccine out, the greater the chance of South Africans developing herd immunity and the sooner things can get back to normal,” concludes Banderker. 

For more information, go to http://www.afrocentric.za.com.

About AfroCentric

AfroCentric is a black-owned JSE-listed investment holding company providing services and products to the healthcare sector. The organisation strives to enhance the quality of life and transform healthcare by innovating a new, integrated and sustainable model that measurably improves access to quality healthcare. Medical insurance provider, EssentialMED, is part of achieving this, and, as such, has been offering South Africans tailor-made access to quality private healthcare at a price they can afford since 2005.

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