African Skies hosts educational and networking event for entrepreneurial women

[Reno, Nev.] October 1, 2019– are looking for women who are interested in participating in the 2019 Amplify Journeys African Summit, an educational, leadership development entrepreneurial summit held from October 17-28th 2019 in South Africa. 

Women and leaders who can lift other women are encouraged to attend or sponsor an attendee.  Attendees will have the opportunity to gather insight from entrepreneurial leaders, learn about the startup scene, receive guidance on building a business, and learn newly create unique partnerships.  Through the coordinated immersive experiences, attendees will grow from cross-cultural exchange of ideas all the while gaining life-changing bonds and a profound understanding of common humanity.

“I’m looking forward to helping donate my time and resources to women and girls in Africa through customizing our Girl Empire program in South Africa,” Said Lauren Klein, CEO at Girlmade

“As a woman and a leader, you have the ability to lift up other women—an amazing power by any measure.” Said Danell Wilson-Perlman, CEO African Skies Travel Connection LLC 

For more information about the Amplify Journeys Summits email Danell Wilson-Perlman at and Lauren Klein at Girlmade via   To learn about Amplify Journeys visit:  and summit agenda at:  and Girlmade visit: