Apply now for e’Bosch Leadership Online Course

Members of the communities of the Greater Stellenbosch Municipal area are invited to apply now for our online leadership course.

Registration to attend the course is now open and applications should reach us by no later than 14 September 2020.

The Community Leadership Course, an e’Bosch initiative, will this year collaborate with and form part of the University of Stellenbosch’s ADVANCING ENGAGED CITIZENSHIP Course.

The requirement for this online course (Valued at R2800) but offered free of charge to FIFTEEN (15) Stellenbosch Community members, except for an R100 registration fee, are:

  1. A Matric Certificate
  2. R100 Registration Fee
  3. Current community involvement through an NGO/NPO will be an advantage but not a requirement.

What do participants gain from this process?

• Opportunity to participate in real-world challenges where engaged citizenship is encouraged;

• The unique opportunity to not only acquire new skills but to apply these skills within their communities;

• Become fully rounded 21st-century citizens;

  • Join the community of cutting edge thinkers who choose to contribute meaningfully to real-world challenges.

Course outline:

Our offering is comprised of modules aimed at providing participants with the critical skills needed to develop into well-rounded 21st-century global citizens. The following modules are offered:

CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM-SOLVING: This module facilitates engaging the world in a critical way, through questioning the dominant narrative and evaluating personal assumptions and bias. Participants are provided with different lenses to evaluate whether the information is factual when formulating a personal opinion.

COLLABORATION ACROSS NETWORKS AND LEADING BY INFLUENCE: This module discusses the concepts of collaboration and leadership and the importance of leading by influence while teaching participants how to identify potential opportunities for collaboration.

INITIATIVE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: This module explores the concept of entrepreneurial competence and the associated knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to develop the ability to view problems as opportunities for innovation and value creation.

AGILITY AND ADAPTABILITY:  This module is aimed at enhancing personal flexibility and adaptation in a rapidly changing world while managing individual expectations and uncertainty. Participants are encouraged to be cognisant of the factors that contribute to rigid thinking and the benefits of journeying beyond individual comfort zones.

EFFECTIVE ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: This module seeks to cultivate participants’ oral and written skills for successful and effective communication. Participants are equipped with techniques to improve their delivery of content to achieve maximum impact.

ACCESSING AND ANALYSING INFORMATION: This module assists participants to be cognisant of how dominant constructs of knowledge influence the extent to which sources are regarded as legitimate, while others not. It further serves to promote the importance of the decolonisation of knowledge frameworks and the benefits of “many stories”, the exercise of awareness of individual bias, and ongoing self-reflection.

CURIOSITY AND IMAGINATION: This module invites participants to consider the role that curiosity plays in awakening the imagination and explore the possibility of creating and reimagining a different future for the world we live in.

Send your application via email before or on 14 September to: or send a WhatsApp to 061 595 4085.

Pictured below: 2019 e’Bosch Heritage Project community leadership course recipients receiving their certificates from the University of Stellenbosch (MGD) facilitators.

Photographer – Thando Dyantyi

5 thoughts on “Apply now for e’Bosch Leadership Online Course

  • August 5, 2020 at 15:49

    Hi ,how long is the course?

    • August 26, 2020 at 23:59

      This course will take place from 28 September 2020 for 6 consecutive weeks.


  • August 27, 2020 at 00:32

    Hi Carol,
    Is the course only available to Stellenbosch Municipality Residents or can someone from Paarl also apply?

    • August 27, 2020 at 01:10

      This will be decided after all the applications have been received.


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