Audrey Francis Book launch

Audrey Francis, is an entrepreneur with a vision to reach people through the written word. To date, she has published three books. “Women Unite”, a collection of poems about various forms of abuse; the mission of the book is to empower all women who suffer in silence.

I am a South African”, is a compilation of poems about the ordinary citizens and their plight to survive. Her third book is an Afrikaans ‘gedigte’ book which was dedicated to her mother, Elizabeth Daniels. “Vlenters”, is about giving thanks and honour to God.

Audrey Francis also writes short stories in Afrikaans and English. Her aim is to uplift the spirit and mind. Her vision is to bring about awareness that we can achieve whatever we dream of if we believe. Audrey’s focus is mostly on women and the youth of our country.
Her aim is to reach the youth, (who are vulnerable to crime if not steered in the right direction

seeing that it is so easy at that stage of their lives to make decisions with disastrous consequences) with projects such as writing to let them get rid of their pain and anger.

This focus birthed the project “Write About It”. Write about it is a project that aims to give the youth of our country a safe place to express them. To give them a voice when it’s so easy to get lost in a world filled with danger and anger. They can express themselves through writing poetry. She is currently involved in such a program at the Glenelly Farm, Ida’s Valley, Stellenbosch.

Women Without Homes, founded by Audrey, was recently registered to assist women running for their lives. She believes that no woman should ever be left out in the dark of night, frightened and homeless. Being passionate about those who don’t know which way to go, her aim is to serve and assist.

Contact Audrey: 0643769725 Facebook Page: Poetry by Orange

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