Chad Nolan signs with Chapter One Music!

Chad Nolan Bergstedt son of Nolan Bergstedt & Jenny Hector Bergstedt previously from Stellenbosch, is making a name for himself in the music world. The family currently lives in Kraaifontein, Cape Town.

Article by Alexander Brand

Chad Nolan Bergstedt is a Cape Town-based singer-songwriter, making a name for himself in the local music scene. With a new single on the way, we took the opportunity to get to know this artist a bit better.

Nolan grew up in Kuils River, in a very music-driven family, with his dad being the drummer in the church band and his mom playing piano and singing. He chose his stage name in honour of his father, Nolan, who played drums for his church when they struggled to find one. He considers his mom one of his biggest role models, being a singer-songwriter herself. “The household I grew up in definitely sparked that flame and the love I have for music today,” he says.

He describes his sound as alternative pop, even though each song has a slightly different feel to it. He says he listens to a wide variety of genres of music and it inevitably rubs off on his music’s sound.

He started performing and making a name for himself doing cover songs at shows around 2012. Even though he has always written music he never felt he was quite ready to record original music. He has had multiple offers from songwriters to sing their songs, but he never felt connected to it, which made him realise that the songs had to come from him. This lead to him releasing his first single, Closer, in 2017, with producer, Ebrahim Mallum. “I still perform covers on my YouTube channel but my main focus is recording more original music,” he says.

He had his first solo performance in 2008 at a show in Stellenbosch. After this show, he decided this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. Straight after high school, he formed a band with some of his Kuils River friends. He says, “I’ve learned and developed so much as an artist from working with them and I will cherish it forever.”

He can’t reveal the exact date yet, but his new single “Forget” will be released early in the month of October.

Nolan and his cousin, Johnny African have collaborated on some covers, such as Say Something by Justin Timberlake and Heathens by Twenty One Pilots. He said they’ve both had tough years in the industry, but they took the leap about a year ago to work together. “It’s been a steep learning curve but it has been an absolute pleasure to work with him,” he says. He also says that they have a great understanding of how to operate in the studio and it is a very productive and pleasant working environment.

There’s been some talk about Nolan making some Afrikaans music, but he denies these rumours. “I don’t speak the language very well so I have no plans on releasing an Afrikaans song. But never say never,” he says. There are on the other hand, definitely, some collaborations in the pipeline. He says, “I have met and worked with some amazing artists over the past year.”

Nolan says he draws inspiration from a variety of artists, mostly internationally. Some of these include Maroon 5, One Republic, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Zayn Malik, Adele, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and many more. “I mostly look up to these artists’ incredible work ethic,” he says.

He doesn’t like to conform to one specific genre. He says, “I like to perform songs that I like and that I can relate to. So the genre is almost irrelevant.” Even though you might hear different genres from him, whatever you hear, you know that it will be real and mean something to him.

He is very excited about the future and says it holds “hard work and more music!” He has received a lot of support from overseas. Even though it is important to him to establish a name for himself locally, he is excited to branch out to foreign markets.

He recently signed with Chapter One Media. “They have taken me under their wing and I will be working hard on more future releases. They share the same vision as I do and I’m curious to see what develops from this,” he says.

Nolan ends off by saying that all he can control is that he is going to keep pushing until his dreams become a reality.

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