CoffeeMM: Premium Coffee at your doorstep

Mhlengi Ngcobo is the Founder/CEO of CoffeeMM; a Coffee Roastery franchise which specialises in importing roast coffee beans in South Africa from all around the world.

Mhlengi Ngcobo is the Founder/CEO of CoffeeMM

CoffeeMM offers personalised preference roasting profile that enables every customer to have a say in their roasting and ground.

“Our target market is office parks where every employee needs to perform at their highest potential”, says Mhlengi

Innovation is at the forefront of Mhlengi Ngcobo’s business ethos. This is because the coffee market grows with an average of 5.5% annually and therefore to meet the demand of this lucrative market we believe that organisations need to focus on finding ways that are sustainable and that can uplift the coffee growers. This would, in addition, require CoffeeMM to be an innovative brand so that it can reach more people which in turn will grow the business to leave a footprint in the market.

This is why CoffeeMM is best prepared and packaged to solve hard work challenges for its customers. Our goal is to create infrastructures that will enable easy coffee trading and processing for small scale coffee farmers which is why this unique strategy aims to ensure everyone in the supply chain can grow both in production and capacity.

When Mhlengi Ngcobo found this franchise, he hoped to stimulate fair and direct trade with other African countries such that the franchisee is able to produce, refine, process and use its resources within the African borders. This alone will create jobs and produce more skills that will become a vehicle of innovation and change for the next generations to come.

For information about CoffeeMM visit website: or email: or call Mhlengi Ngcobo at: Tel: 061 585 6624

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