Developing electric standup bicycles in Stellenbosch

Gert Schoeman is the founder of Easyev; a clean-tech nonprofit organisation specialising in e-mobility and micro-mobility as the single most development driver to increase social and economic productivity, reduce crime and alleviate poverty in Africa.

Easyev is a lead startup company in the micro-mobility sector and achieves this by developing electric standup bicycles which are designed and prototype manufactured in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa.

This micro-mobility industry will disrupt current short-distance commuting, delivery methods, and last-mile logistics solutions within city, town or townships. The product is currently accessible to a small percentage of the South African population and Gert Schoeman has positioned it as a product solution through which university and college students of all races can be empowered to creatively think independently and out of the box and challenged to solve complicated problems. In addition, Gert Schoeman has identified the City of Cape Town to be a fast developing smart city that will be positioned to replace ICE driven vehicles with e-mobility and micro-mobility vehicles.

The idea of this Smart City project is supported by the United States of America; however, legislation to support this innovation is needed. This means laws must be written to give road access and dedicated bicycle/e-bike lanes especially because it is a lot cheaper to create e-bike lanes than to widen roads for more cars. Other laws to be written will involve giving financial subsidies to low-income earners to make it easy for them to own e-standup bikes, traffic and license requirements that may be introduced at school level for learners as young as 14 years old.

For information on Easyev clean technology visit website:, email: or call Gert Schoeman at 084 772 1293.

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