Managing Events – Exploring new ways by Mantombi Masoka

Mantombi Masoka is a creatively skilled and imaginative Art lover and Events Manager. She expresses this talent through painting and scalping and by collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure arts events are professionally executed, managed, measured and aligned to business strategy.

“The more specific your strategy is, the more effective your execution will be”, says Mantombi.

Her talent is inspired by three things:  South Africa’s rich culture, Ubuntu and diversity. Besides this, she likes South Africa’s natural beauty of valleys, rivers, mountains, music, dancing, languages and fun.

Mantombi would like to mentor young people to aspire to become the next generation of event managers. She is inspired by the idea of having more women occupying board positions as chair ladies and directors of companies especially in the finance sector. This inspiration comes from her believe that when you teach a woman you teach a nation.

South Africans is a country that must unite in order to create a more inclusive economy in whose benefits of growth are shared fairly and equitably with diverse workplaces, suppliers and stakeholders across different backgrounds, cultures, professions.  She believes diversity is the key to unlock South Africa’s national transformation where everyone is included in the narrative to solve complex problems and teach others how to do the same, working towards a common goal.

We live in a youth-led digital world where young people share brilliant ideas, are able to create and showcase their own brands independently through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Podcast. Her social media goals are aligned with my overall marketing strategy which makes it easier to show the value of her work and increase sales.

Some of the social media strategies Mantombi uses include brand awareness, turning your followers into your brand advocates and being on the lookout for comments, likes, and mentions. Over and above this she believes operational efficiency, consistency, and accountability, in being responsible over her client’s money, learning and acquiring new skills every day and in being exposed to new trends in the market. 

She says people must not plan and execute events alone but share, appreciate and learn from one another. For information on Mantombi Masoka email: or call her at 076 238 5299.

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