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Hipcycling waste

Lizl Naude has a truly inspiring story about overcoming hardship and misfortune! I’ll tell that tale another time, for now I want to share how she turned a costume jewellery business into a successful homeware design company.

In 2004 she had a freak accident causing her to be bedridden for 6 weeks. She turned the boredom of being stuck in a routine to explore making jewellery. This was the birth of Lilly Loompa Upcycled Homeware. Later she completed her Interior Decorating studies and started a lifestyle and DIY blog. When disaster struck again and she needed furniture and homeware, she turned to the environment for material and inspiration.

Since 2016, her company has been making storage holders, dinner table accessories, décor and small furniture from material that would normally have ended up in a landfill.

Lizl has thus far won the South Africa Women Entrepreneur Climate Change Award in 2020 and the Mail and Guardian Award for Sustainable Design in 2021.

Visit https://www.lillyloompa.com to view and buy her products.

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