Mountain Bike Sensation Ike Klaassen Wins Last Event Of The Year

Stellenbosch – Last week saw young Stellenbosch MTB rider and champion Ike Klaassen once again show his skills at the Western Province champs at the Hellsend Dirt Compound, which can be found on the farm where he lives. That’s right, he has his own track, his own training ground on his doorstep, and it seems to be seriously paying off.

It was only the second race that has ever taken place at Hellsend, and it was an exciting event and a great race with a lot of people in attendance and competing.  The track has a nice, long flow trail, and dirt jumps from beginner table-tops to advanced doubles.

“It was cool to have an event here,” said Ike. “The track has been around for a while, and I wasn’t able to compete in the first race here, so this was my first time racing on the track.”

Ike was obviously tuned into his own track, and knew the best speed-lines and what needed to be done to get the best times.

Pictures courtesy of Eric Palmer

“I won the qualifying race in my age category and then got third overall, and missed the second place by 0.1,” said Ike. “In the race run, I won by something like 20 seconds, and got third overall again, which was pretty cool.”  

The result was a fitting finish for the 15-year-old rider who had an epic year, competing in the Audi Nines as well as at Crankworx.

“Crankworx was the two best weeks of my life,” said Ike of his time at Whistler Valley in Canada. “It has been a dream to go to Whistler for a long time, so it was super-sick to go there during the best time, during Crankworx.”

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