Parkx De Kater – Shoes with a difference

Phakamani Henry Thembela is the founder of Parkx De Kater; a shoe design, manufacturing, and sale retail outlet.

What makes Parkx De Kater shoes unique is that the shoes are lightweight, colourful, unisex, and represent South Africa as the rainbow nation. Innovation is key to our business because as the world evolves and so will our creativity and business economy.

We also believe entrepreneurs in South Africa should be more creative in order to grow and for their businesses to be spread across Africa. It is this creativity that will make South Africa the most capitalist country in African; that will grow its economy and continuously find new ways to attract investors and remain innovative.

Even more, Cape Town as a smart city is a good place to showcase new technologies because the cities attract which will make it a great smart city.

For information about Parkx De Kater shoes and outlet visit website: or email: or call Phakamani Henry Thembela at 073 666 1557

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