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Shada Francis is globally recognized for her work as an International Trainer and Founder of an International NGO, Pathways of Hope. Shada possesses multiple international accreditations which speak to the array of her professional roles. These include Transformational & Empowerment Coaching; Educator; Mentor; Public Speaker and Philanthropist.

Shada is internationally registered as a Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner, Law of Attraction and Cognitive Behavior Therapist.

She has worked in countries such as China, Hong Kong, Nepal, India, Prague, and the UK over the past 14 years, leading employees from 20 countries while working at some of the top educational and training institutions, including LG Electronics (China) and YWIES Educational Foundation, Hong Kong.

Her philanthropic work has included empowering women and children in India, China and Nepal through Education and Life Skills Training.

As a Transformational and Empowerment Life Coach for over 10 years, Shada has successfully coached people all over the world to live their dreams, bridging the gap from imagination to realization. Her expertise lies in the areas of conscious manifestation and spiritual awakening. As a CBT and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Shada specializes in helping people make quantum jumps from where they are to where they want to be. By using powerful and proven manifestation techniques, she can teach you how to tap into the power of the Universe and create the life you desire.

She has appeared on ETV and CCTV 9 China, in a mini four-part documentary called “Postcards from China”.

Shada has since worked and coached people around the world, helping people of all ages, to draw out their true selves while facilitating unique transformations.

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Shada now lives in Cape Town and will be our resident coach, writing motivational articles and supporting our readers with her coaching sessions.

A Message from Shada

” As I became fascinated with the Laws of the Bible and the Laws of the Universe, the Law of Attraction became a particular fascination to me; why did it sometimes work while at other times fell short? What I discovered is that we live in a Miracle Making and Wise Universe and when you know how to speak the language, doors open and the kingdom is truly yours. There exists a simple Science of Manifestation and when you understand it, you have the power of the Universe in the palm of your hands.

We all have the answers inside ourselves, but many of us have forgotten how to listen or have been too afraid to take action. As a coach and mentor, I am here to help you get in touch with who you really are and teach you how to listen to the part of yourself that is All-Knowing. Once the answers are clear, my job is to support you in taking inspired action that will move you towards your dreams and the manifestation of your desires.

No matter your beliefs, each of us has a very special and intimate connection to who we really are. When we know how to speak to our Source so that our prayers are answered and we know how to listen so that we are in the highest alignment with Life, everything else takes care of itself. Life brings miracles to us every day, and we become a beautiful mirror for divine light shining through.”

True Self Coaching/Mentoring

Awakening as your True Self is not the destination nor end of the road, but, rather, marks the beginning of a brilliant new life. Living as your True Self is the answer you have been seeking and the key to consciously creating the life you desire.

Is True Self Coaching/Mentoring for you?

The 4 questions to help you decide:

Is True Self Coaching/Mentoring for you?

The 4 questions to help you decide:

1 – Are you living as your false self?


Most people are not happy, healthy, fulfilled or abundant because they are unconsciously living as their false selves, and don’t even know it. When the false self is in charge, we hide behind masks and pretend to be someone we are not, while underlying fear, worry, and insecurity derail innate purpose. Believe me, I too was there, so I know what it is to be wearing those masks you have on.

Living as the false self often manifests as self-sabotaging or unconscious behaviors, internal blocks, worthiness issues, resistance, lack of clarity, doubts, fears, blocked creativity, etc… Rather than blaming the false self, there is a permanent cure – waking up as your True Self!

Since your True Self is who you really are, your True Self holds the key to everything you desire; whether you seek purpose, prosperity, fulfillment, health or meeting your ideal romantic partner, the True You holds the answer!

Although your True Self is who you really are before you can live as this authentic self, you must awaken as your True Self, and with nothing woo-woo or religious about it, this is the real meaning of awakening, and the one thing everyone is secretly seeking.

2 – What does it mean to live as your True-Self?

As your True-Self, you are fully alive, confident and uninhibited in creative expression. Without masks or excuses, you don’t do one thing to get another, and you don’t justify your actions or play parts that don’t suit you. As you approach life with an openness to new experiences, you courageously express your authentic self – speak your truth, dance your dance, sing your song, and follow inner guidance every step of the way! By choosing yourself for the starring role of your life, authenticity allows you to be in sync with the flow and rhythm of the Universe!

True Self Mentoring is designed to help you:

  • Understand awakening and what it means to wake-up as your True Self
  • Transcend the false self (ego) and live as your True-Self
  • Identify hidden subconscious programming that prevents creative expression
  • Break free of old programming and uncover your purpose
  • Embrace intrinsic power through authentic self-expression
  • Utilize the secrets of manifestation as your True Self
  • Claim unconditional worth
  • Stop worrying about what others think or say
  • Identify and avoid Ego Pitfalls along the way, and much more!

3 – How does True Self Mentoring work?

True Self Coaching/Mentoring is designed to address everything you ever wanted to know about awakening, conscious creation and self-empowerment, but had no one to ask. With clarity and simplicity, I will guide you through insights and shifts that will change the way you live life.

Since my work is unique for each person, the first thing I do is learn your language and energetically meet you where you are. As I listen consciously and get to know you, I’ll probably ask questions you’ve never considered before, and I’ll help you identify patterns, enlighten blind-spots, make connections, pinpoint core issues, and help you peel away the layers of the false-self while releasing blocks, disempowering beliefs, and other sticky issues.

Using Higher Level Communication and intuitive ability, I will help you go deeper and understand more than you can alone, and, as a result, you’ll experience the kind of powerful insights and pivotal shifts that lead to higher levels of consciousness. With over twenty years’ professional experience and diversified training, I offer a keen ability to understand the relationship between the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds and how to work with all three in order to create permanent shifts that reveal the True You.

4 – Who do I work with?

You are someone who has taken responsibility for your life, and you’re not afraid to look within and go deep. Now that you are ready for the next level, it no longer suits you to hide in the shadows of your True Self or worry about what others think or say. Indeed, you know it is time to claim your place in the world – to shine your light, sing your song and dance your dance. It is time to be who you really are and live consciously from the awakened state. You are a unique masterpiece awaiting full expression.

Whether you are experiencing transition in your purpose, relationships or path, you are ready to create a life based on the dreams and desires of your True Self.

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