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Everyone remembers their first pair of Vellies fondly.

In recent years, this uniquely Southern African shoe has received a make-over by several manufacturers. Today, we look at the proudly-Stellenbosch Burgundy Collective.

Although first made in the 17th century by Dutch settlers the design of veldskoene is believed to be based on Khoi footwear. The shoes was later embedded into the Afrikaner psyche when they were used as the footwear for the Groot Trek.

A proud moment was when the SA Team wore it at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Since 2013, The Burgundy Collective creates a range of high-end leather products. The range expands as they find inspiration and is continuously exploring fresh designs and creative ideas in harmony with style and functionality.

Enter The Founder veldskoen. Iconic, comfortable, durable and fashionable, it is available in 2 colours viz. Grassland and Bourbon.

Visit The Burgundy Collective studio shop at The Woodmill or check them out first online.

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