Auvergne – Rhone – Alpes. South African mountain bike sensation Ike Klaassen has won yet another event in the French Cup. This win earned him a second-place overall in the French Cup series, the only races happening right now.

“Super-sick to win that event,” said an obviously pleased Klaassen. “I won that race by 2 seconds, which I am happy about because usually, the whole top three are within a second.”

Monster Energy athlete Klaassen has been training flat-out in his home town of Stellenbosch. He is one of the few South Africans that managed to get to France to compete recently.

Ike in action in France.

“It was my type of track,” said Klaassen of the French track that he competed on. “I trained hard for it, and my bike was just set up perfectly for it. Everything went well for me, and it got me second overall.”

“The Audi Nines is a free ride event happening in Germany, one of the only free ride events happening this year,” said Klaassen. “All the best free riders in the world will be heading out to this event, so that’s going to be exciting.” For more on the Audi Nines event –

Locally, 16-year-old Klaassen lives in Stellenbosch and has earned himself multiple Western Province Championships.

Images: Supplied by Monster Media

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