Stellenbosch MTB Rider Ike Klaassen Joins Commencal for the 2021 Season

Ike Klaassen

In exciting news, young MTB sensation Ike Klaassen from Stellenbosch has joined Commencal South Africa for the 2021 season. At only 17 years old, Ike is recognised for showing a maturity and a technique on the bike, which is very uncommon for his age. Although he’s focused on DH, he also rides Enduro, Freeride and jump lines. 

He has been racing his whole life, whether it’s bikes, go-karts or motocross, he’s a racer at heart. He won the South African national DH Championship, achieved two podium finishes in the cadet category in the French DH Cup in 2020 and took part in the Crankworx AirDH in 2019. 

Ike, who has the Darkfest line in his backyard, became the youngest person to ride a fest series. What a great opportunity at his young age. If he continues this path, he will soon be the next Theo Erlangsen in the DH World Cup. We will have to keep a close eye on him! 

Ike in Action

“I’m super-hyped about the new deal with Commencal, as we’re also putting a local team around it. This puts me in an excellent position for the upcoming races this year,” said the Monster Energy rider Klaassen.

“Working with Commencal gives me so much confidence as well. I’ll be a part of the team that works together at the World Cup races, so I’ll have that level of support. In the freeride world they also have a big team there, so there is also strong support. Basically, I will be racing the World Cup season with Commencal, and I’ll be doing some freeride events and just try my best to have a good year.”  

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