“the-platform” aims to inform, inspire and innovate brands

Amelia Francis is the founder of the-platform; a creative Branding and Marketing consultancy company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Our aim at the-platform is to inform, inspire and innovate brands”, says Amelia.

What makes the-platform unique is their teams of freelancers, small business owners, start-up founders, and company leaders who understand the challenges of running a business and use their collective experience to help other companies.  Startup companies and entrepreneurs at the-platform are assessed to match them to experts; moreover, Amelia at the-platform strives to continuously attract experienced, diverse, creative and impactful experts to the needs of Start-ups, SMEs, and Entrepreneurs.

This team of experts is driven by common passion for innovation for new ideas and possibilities to better assist clients to adapt to the fast-changing business environment for economic growth and sustainable development of the African continent. This collective power of experts is also strategically positioned to transform South Africa into the ‘Innovation Capital of Africa’. This is further achieved by aggressively focusing on promoting local innovation, incubator labs, R&D innovation data, and start-up ecosystem to ensure the country moves from a knowledge-based to an innovative economy.

Since establishing the-platform, Amelia finds South Africa’s thriving start-up and tech market with foreign investments to support government’s incubation, networking and capacity building making South Africa the base for innovation, investment and joint ventures and to help sustain it as the largest information and communications technology (ICT) market in Africa by value. As a technology leader in mobile and security software fields and in electronic banking services, South Africa received investments from Amazon Web services data centre and CISCO and Dell training academies within South Africa.  

In addition to Amelia’s observation, Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town are taking the lead at smart cities initiatives offering Public WIFI, Closed-circuit television, open data portal, the introduction of smart grids and 560 cameras located in cities. Challenges remain as many residents are left behind and do not have access to Technology and Services.

For information about the-platform visit website: the-platform.co.za or email or call Amelia Francis at amelia.francis@the-platform.co.za or 071 101 3879.

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