Local Gordon’s Bay-based singer-songwriters, Lee Berg and JP Storm, combined forces to form the incredible duo, TontelDoos. Their sound is best described by them as, “Unique, powerful, heart-warming and occasionally tear dropping.” Having just released their debut album and performed their debut show, who is to say what bright future is ahead of these talented musos.

From a very young age, Berg had a passion for music, writing his own compositions at four years old. This led to him teaching himself violin, cello, trumpet, guitar, and the organ. “My grandfather used to play me all the great musicians which inspired me to never give up on my music,” says Berg. Storm started writing his own music at the age of 17, also inspired by his grandfather who played in a few “Boereorkes” bands over weekends. He started performing three days a week to tourists in his local pub, Fisherman’s.

During Berg’s time at the North-West University’s Potchefstroom Campus coaching hostel’s varsity serenade, he came across a student with a guitar in-hand, fooling around in Potchefstroom. Four years later, while Berg was on holiday in St. Lucia, he went to a small pub, Fisherman’s, and ran into the same student. He invited the student to attend his “Music in Me” competition in the Western Cape, so the student moved to Gordon’s Bay a few months later and won the competition. Storm and Berg’s music connected instantly that day they first met in Potchefstroom four years ago.

Berg wrote, produced, and distributed his first album “I Will Follow” earlier this year. He says, “I believe in humankind and I believe in music and if we can bring them together, we can change the world for the better.” Storm released his debut song, “Ek Het Niks Nie” middle last year, and is currently busy recording the rest of the album, “Die Storm” at Deconstructing Adam Studios which will be released in 2021. On the upside, listeners are guaranteed to hear at least three more singles from Storm before the end of 2020. 

For their debut show, TontelDoos performed in the Old Agriculture Hall in Stellenbosch on 10 October 2020. The performance was a massive success with a full house attendance, standing ovation, and an encore. “It was a great honour for us to perform in front of one of the most well-known local classical educators, Sonja Van Amstel, who encouraged the encore,” says TontelDoos.

They are also planning on hosting a music festival in Stellenbosch in 2021. They commented, “Stellenbosch for us will always be the heart of South Africa and it would be unjust if we can’t showcase ours, as well as all the great local artists living in the nearby district.” They urge every music lover to contact them and take part in this festival, so they can create a platform to enrich the community with all of its talents.

TontelDoos is currently promoting their debut album across South Africa and is not planning to stop with their passion for music any time soon. From already opening a successful recording studio, planning music festivals all over the country, and already have more than a million views on social media, there is no doubt that this name will be heard again soon. 

Image Riaan de Kock