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Wanna Grappa?

The spirit which is distilled from grape skins that have been removed during the wine-making process, is called Grappa if made in Italy. Elsewhere it is referred to as Husk Spirit.

The skins find new life in a clear, refined spirit that is anchored in wine production but takes flight in delicious new directions. For De Toren Private Cellar , already masters of finely crafted wines, it was natural for the winemaking team to think about reconceptualising grape husks.

“We were moved to produce a Husk Spirit because, from the beginning, the merging of science, art and innovation has driven us to become one of South Africa’s most famed and respected wineries today. Husk Spirit is yet another intersection of these disciplines and an expression of this pursuit,” explains multiple award-winning Cellar Master Charles Williams.

De Toren has released a limited edition of its Fusion V Premium Husk Spirit in partnership with Wilderer Distilleries. Only 529 bottles were made. Each bottle is individually numbered and carefully packaged by hand in its special edition wooden case, making it a collector’s item.

Using carefully chosen De Toren grape skins, five cultivar-specific spirits were skilfully, and separately, distilled. These five represent the iconic Fusion V red blend, namely, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Following the individual distillation of each, the blending process commenced. After this, the blended spirit was matured in a single French Oak barrel.

“It was quite an amazing experience to taste the five different spirits next to each other and see how unique they were. Blending them together in just the right percentages revealed one very unique, complex spirit.”, says Williams.

The resulting spirit is gloriously golden-hued and redolent of complex and well-rounded notes on the palate – compliments of the oak maturation.

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