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When was the last time you went to a Drive-In?

Relive the nostalgia of Drive-In’s at GoDriveIn Movie & Roadhouse in Salt River.

The drive-in, situated in an open-air lot has capacity for 50 cars and operates Friday and Saturday. Movies are projected onto a permanent 9 metre screen and sound is shared into cars via an FM transmitter.

The film offering at GoDriveIn is diverse and caters to families, adults and film buffs. No food is allowed to be brought in – to support the on-site food trucks. Choose from pizzas, burgers, coffee, popcorn, sweets and cold drinks.

Established in 2020, drive-in culture is making a comeback globally, driven in part by the COVID pandemic.

Only R250 per car! Visit https://www.godrivein.com/ for details.

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