Women in Charge: Shining a light on the silent heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 lockdowns across the globe have forced women to juggle multiple professional and personal commitments – working full time, teaching their children, and managing domestic chores. This Women’s Month (and throughout the rest of the year), Flexyforce – South Africa’s first female-founded cloud-based supplier management software – will be shining a light on these silent heroes.

Flexyforce CEO and Founder, Annette Muller, says: “Female founders of businesses – including me –  often get a lot of media publicity and recognition. But there’s always that person in the business working tirelessly in the background, without whom the company wouldn’t be able to operate. One of the reasons why they don’t get their time in the limelight is because they are just far too busy to speak to media, or to blow their own horns on social media. Often, they burn themselves out because they’re so busy but keep taking on more and more. We want to highlight these women and also equip them with 21st century software to make their lives a lot easier.”

If you know one of these heroes who are currently working full- or part-time at a company in a managerial position, nominate her. She will be profiled in a podcast series called ‘Women in Charge’ where she, and other women from around the world, can openly share some of the challenges they are experiencing. They will also learn about the tools that are available to support them in the remote working world.

What’s more, they’ll get a discount on their Flexyforce subscription which starts for free. By ‘hiring’ Flexyforce (who, like Siri and Alexa, is also female), she’ll take over their admin and free them up to perform professionally and fulfil their domestic duties. She is a cloud-based supplier administrator that helps companies organise, contract and pay their suppliers, consultants, contractors and freelancers – all in one place. “Many people are worried that robots will take their jobs, but technology can actually save your company time and money – especially in current conditions – and in turn, save their job and make it even better,” shares Muller.

Flexyforce  comes at a tenth of the cost of a personal assistant but can manage much more since her software automates tedious tasks and works 24 hours a day, seven days a week – with no coffee breaks or leave needed. Plus, she is fast. Set up is also speedy since there is no notice period and onboarding typically associated with new hires. Additionally, Flexyforce is more efficient than her human counterparts. Since she’s technology, users get all of the power, none of the paper; all of the compliance, none of the chaos; all of the information, and none of the communication errors. “When time is your most precious resource, you have to be strategic in how you allocate it. Devoting time to admin is just a waste of money, because you’re not earning and it’s often frustrating because you could be spending time on far more important things,” concludes Muller.

Nominate a silent hero by tagging her in a comment on the ‘Women in Charge’ posts on Flexyforce’s InstagramFacebook or LinkedIn pages and including a link to her LinkedIn profile. You can also email your nomination to hello@Flexyforce.com.

Go to https://flexyforce.com for more information. 

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